# Image size

(updated 01.04.2021)

Opal is built to make your images stand out and impress potential customers.

Opal builds on the square aspect ratio for product photos. Of course, it is possible to use any photos, but to use the full power of Opal, we recommend using photos with an aspect ratio of 1:1. This results in uniformity, which acts as a solid foundation of the e-shop, which builds a sense of trust in the e-shop.


Image sizes are arbitrary. A 1: 1 ratio is only recommended.

# Default settings

For Opal, we have prepared settings that can be a bit problematic for users who are used to the default settings of Shoptet. Therefore, we have prepared code that will enable the default settings and reset ours. Copy the code below into the text box following this path:

Administration > TEMPLATES > Editor of the appearance > HTML code > Footer (bottom of the BODY tag)
    var defaultProductsImages = true;