# Payment methods icons

Need to add payment method icons to your footer? The procedure is very easy and in this section we will advise you how to do it!

# Creating a banner

The banner must first be created and then inserted into the footer. So start by creating it.

# 1. Shoptet administration

First of all, it is important to find the section where we will add the code. You can find this part of the administration by following the path below.

Administration > TEMPLATES > Banners > Banners

# 2. Add a banner

In this section we will create a new banner with the name eg: Online Payments.

# 3. Add code

Make sure the Banner Type is set to Text Banner and is visible on both the desktop and the phone. Then just paste the code below into the banner text box.

<div class="online-platby">
<img src="https://cdn.myshoptet.com/usr/shoptet.tomashlad.eu/user/documents/extras/opal/img/payments/visa.svg" />
<img src="https://cdn.myshoptet.com/usr/shoptet.tomashlad.eu/user/documents/extras/opal/img/payments/mastercard.svg" />
<img src="https://cdn.myshoptet.com/usr/shoptet.tomashlad.eu/user/documents/extras/opal/img/payments/paypal.svg" />


The links after the src = tag load images of the payment methods we use on the Preview template (opens new window). If you would like another, you need to replace the URL in the code.

We can now enter payment methods in the Shoptet footer.

# 1. Shoptet Administration

In the Shoptet administration, go to the section below:

Administration > TEMPLATES > Templates Appearance > Page Elements

Find the banner with the name you created (in our case "Online Payments") and drag it to the footer.

An image

# 3. Save

After saving and refreshing the e-shop, the payment methods will be displayed in the footer.