# Social Icons in Footer

In this section, we will advise you how to set the routing of social network icons in the footer. It is a simple code change, which we will guide you through in the instructions below.

# Shoptet administration

First of all, it is important to find the section where we will add the code. You can find this part of the administration by following the path below.

TEMPLATES > Templates appearance > Page elements

# Adding the element

In this section, we make sure that the "Contact" element is included among the other elements in the administration footer. If not, simply drag it from the bottom section to the footer to add it.


This element must be included in the footer for social network icons to appear.

# URL settings

Many of our icons are ready for all Shoptet settings, so you can edit and display all marked sections (see image below).

By filling in these fields and checking the visibility in the "Contact" category, the fields are automatically visible in the footer of the template. Also, make sure that the links are in a format similar to the example below.



We recommend leaving the visual style of the icons. The reason is the clear visibility in the footer of the template.