# Variant listing

We are newly introducing a solution for listing product variants, which we have expanded from the basic settings of the Shoptet with a function in which you can choose the number of variants that you want to display under the product.

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# Shoptet administration

First we will look in the Shoptet administration section, where we will insert our new code. Here we find it as follows:

Administration > TEMPLATES > Editor of the appearance > HTML code > Header (bottom of the HEAD tag)

# Kód pro vložení

In the text section Header (before the end tag HEAD) , we will insert the following code:

    var productsVariantsCount = 5;

In this code, the essential number for us is that which appears immediately after the equals symbol (=). This number determines the number of variants that will be displayed below the listed product. In the case of the code above, five will be displayed.

# Label "+ more"

If the number of selected variants does not match the number of variants available to the product, then the label "+ more" will automatically appear after the last variant tag.

# Larger number of variants

If you want all variants to be visible on your e-shop, just enter the number 99 and all your variants will be displayed.


If you use a larger number of variants, count on the fact that your e-shop may suffer from an aesthetic point of view!