# Dark Mode

Dark mode is a dark look of the original Premium carousel, which is great for e-shops with a darker theme or greater color contrast. Its setup is relatively easy and you will find it below.

An image

# Shoptet Administration

First of all, we will want to add the code to the appropriate place in our Shoptet administration which is the following.

Administration > TEMPLATES > Editor of the appearance > HTML code > Footer (bottom of the BODY tag)

# Adding the style

Copy the code below into the Footer (bottom of the BODY tag) field.

An image

<script src="https://cdn.myshoptet.com/usr/shoptet.tomashlad.eu/user/documents/extras/premium-carousel/tmavy-vzhled.js"></script>

# Save and refresh the page

After saving, refresh the page of your e-shop and the change will take effect immediately.